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Mesures Covid

Measures related to the health crisis (COVID-19)

We adopt barrier gestures with the systematic use of masks, hydroalcoholic gel and gloves.

We apply a thorough cleaning before each new rental consisting of prolonged ventilation of the van for a minimum of 3 hours, then the disinfection of surfaces with a product that complies with hospital standards.

We are making our cancellation conditions more flexible by allowing you to cancel your rental up to 7 days before departure free of charge (in the event of confinement, reservations are automatically refunded).


  • Why travel by van or converted van?

First freedom:

No time constraints, no reservations to manage, evacuate the stress and if you like a place, nothing prevents you from staying there. No constraint of place, you can choose your destinations as you see fit and even change them at the last moment, for example if the tourist crowd suffocates you or if the weather is not kind. No route constraints, you can choose the highway or go through scenic paths since ultimately all roads lead to your destination.

Then simplicity:

Back to basics and basics, enjoy nature, contemplate the landscapes available to you and decide your schedule each day according to your desires and the environment. Certainly your house is reduced, but your garden or playground extends to the whole Earth.

Finally the economy:

You have a house on wheels, so you rent a vehicle and at the same time accommodation with all the necessary comfort. The price of our rentals is often cheaper than the rent of tourist accommodation and without the associated constraints.


  • Who can drive a camper van rental?

Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driver's license.


  • What driver's license and other documents needed to drive?

A B permit is sufficient if it is French or issued by a Member State of the European Economic Area. Holders of a license issued by a foreign state must present a license accompanied by an official translation or an international driving permit.

You will also need to bring your national identity card and/or passport.

We will also give you a copy of the vehicle's gray card and the green insurance card.

Finally, keep your rental contract carefully.


  • How to find a spot or parking to spend the night?

Regarding parking, the law applying to a fitted van is the same as all passenger vehicles: the highway code! You can therefore park almost anywhere on the public road provided that it is not dangerous or inconvenient. On the other hand, you should not set up a camp or even a table and chairs on the public road. Some municipalities sometimes have their own rules clearly indicated at the entrance to the city or in the car parks. Any indication of prohibited parking must therefore be respected. If you are on private property, you must ask for permission from the owner.

Our advice for finding a spot for the night, avoid big cities and major roads (obviously), prefer roads with little traffic in a corner of nature. Research is unavoidable but you will easily find your paradise with the help of maps, tourist guides, GPS, internet blogs and mobile applications. Park4night, iOverlander, Gambing, Homecamper & France-Passion are very good tools to help you find a spot for the night, you will find a lot of places ranging from car parks to luxury campsites, including a plot at home. living or alone in the middle of nature.


  • How to manage water and waste during a road trip?

We ask you to always throw your waste in the trash, respecting the sorting and recycling rules.

To supply yourself with clean water, there are gas stations but many taps are also available everywhere. You must empty the waste water tanks in suitable places. Mobile applications exist to help you.


  • Regarding hygiene, especially toilets and showers?

To find toilets there are mobile applications, public toilets, supermarkets, service stations. You can also satisfy your needs in nature but move away from the paths and do not forget to bury your "residues". We also offer portable dry toilets as an option, this service is chargeable.

To wash, many service stations provide showers. Otherwise, the van is equipped with a shower head supplied with cold water. We can also rent you a solar shower with foldable cabin, this service is chargeable. Another way is to spend a night camping to take advantage of their amenities.

Pourquoi Louer
Qui peut louer
Quel permis
Trouver un spot
Gestion déchets


  • How to obtain a quote ?

The easiest way is to simulate a reservation directly on the website . You can also contact us directly.

For long-term rentals (1 month or more), or to fit out your personal vehicle, we advise you to contact us directly in order to obtain a specific quote.


  • Is it possible to visit an AtlantiCamper camper van?

Of course, but make an appointment with our agency before you go.


  • How to book an AtlantiCamper van?

Reservations are made via our website : select the rental dates then the desired vehicle range, you will then be asked to complete a form and pay the 50% deposit by credit card. Following payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

You can always contact us if you have any problem.


  • What equipment to plan?

Your personal belongings of course (clothes, toiletry bag, multimedia devices...).

Some condiments for cooking (salt, pepper, oil...).

The essentials for washing clothes (detergent, rope and clothes pegs).

A multifunction knife and flashlight are always handy.

Otherwise the main one is provided with the van, optional equipment is also available for rent.

  • What insurance needed?

Included in the price of your booking is our Basic insurance package including civil liability in the event of material and bodily damage as well as multi-risk insurance for damage to the campervan, in the event of theft, or in the event of fire. You have 24/7 assistance on French territory and other member countries of the European Union.

We also offer a Medium or Premium insurance package for better coverage, more kilometers to travel and a reduced excess. More details here .


  • What is the minimum and maximum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 2 nights, except in High Season when a minimum of 6 nights is required.

There is no maximum rental period. However, we advise you to contact us directly for long-term rentals (1 month or more) in order to obtain a specific quote.


  • What deposit is required for the rental?

The deposit is up to the deductible corresponding to your insurance pack: €2,000 for the Basic pack, €1,000 for the Medium pack and €500 for the Premium pack.

The deposit is taken in the event of damage, or to cover the costs of lack of fuel, lack of cleaning, or non-return of equipment when the van is returned. The deposit also covers the fines to which the van would have been subject during your rental.

No deposit will be taken if all the conditions are met.


  • How far can I travel with the van?

The Basic pack allows you to travel up to 200km per day or 1800km per week.

The Medium pack allows you to travel up to 300km per day or 2700km per week.

If you exceed your mileage package, the sum of €0.35 per additional kilometer will be charged.

There is no limit with the Premium pack (unlimited mileage).


  • May I cancel my reservation ?

Yes, in the context of the health crisis, you can cancel your reservation up to 7 days before your departure free of charge (full refund). If you cancel less than 7 days before your departure, 50% of the amount of your reservation will be charged (corresponding to the deposit paid when booking).

In the event of confinement, reservations are automatically canceled free of charge.


  • Can I modify the optional equipment and/or insurance reserved?

Yes, in this case we ask you to contact us directly in order to better manage the changes.


  • What should I do if I have not received any confirmation of my reservation?

An error has surely occurred, we apologize. Contact us as soon as possible in order to rectify and thus be able to confirm the reservation.

Quoi prévoir
Confirmation résa


  • How do I get to the agency?

Our address is available in the " contact " tab. You can get to the agency with your personal vehicle or by public transport.

We also offer to pick you up at Nantes Atlantique airport or at the "Neustrie" tram station (terminus line 2) or at the Busway station "Porte de Vertou" (terminus line 4), this service is chargeable.


  • What documents to provide to get my van on the day of departure?

Your driving license, as well as an official translation or an international license if you are not from the European Economic Area.

Your national identity card or passport.

A deposit check or your bank card for borrowing.

A means of payment for the balance of your reservation.


  • What to do with my personal vehicle during the rental period?

You can store your personal vehicle in our agency for the duration of your stay, at no additional cost.


  • What time to get/return the van?

You can get your van from 2pm on the day of departure.

You must return the van before 11am on the last day.


  • How clean should I return the van?

The van must be returned clean as it was rented to you. If applicable, cleaning fees will be deducted from your deposit.

Comment venir
Quel documents fournir
Véhicule personnel
Etat des lieux


  • Can I smoke inside the van?

No, the law prohibits you from smoking inside a rental vehicle.


  • Are pets allowed inside the van?

Yes, you must nevertheless make sure to protect the elements of the van in order to avoid soiling or damaging them. Otherwise, part of the deposit will be retained to cover damages.


  • Which countries can I visit with the van?

All member countries of the European Economic Area.


  • What type of road can I take?

You can drive on all types of roads as long as they are passable and authorized by the Highway Code of the country concerned. Avoid paths that could cause damage to the van.


  • What are the toll rates?

Our "Compact" range measures less than 2m and therefore belongs to category 1, the rate applied is identical to cars. Pay attention to the tolls because the tariff assigned is sometimes not correct.


  • What fuel to use?

All our vehicles are equipped with a Diesel engine and run on Diesel B7.

To avoid additional costs at the end of your stay, we ask that you fill up with fuel before returning the van.



  • What to do in the event of an accident?

Don't panic, it can happen to anyone. First, think about securing the area for yourself and for other users.

If there are injuries, call the police.

In any case, you must complete a European Motor Accident Report available in the vehicle, even if the van has no apparent damage.

If the van is not driving following the accident, you must contact assistance for breakdown assistance at the number indicated on your rental contract.

You must then contact us to notify us of the accident and send us the report within 3 working days.


  • What to do in case of mechanical failure?

Don't panic, it can happen to anyone. First, think about securing the area for yourself and for other users.

You must then contact the assistance for breakdown assistance at the number indicated on your rental agreement. Depending on your insurance package and the country where the breakdown occurs, assistance costs may be applied.

You will also have to contact us to notify us of the breakdown, we will find together the solution adapted to your situation. Do not incur repair costs without our prior authorization.


  • What to do in case of a puncture?

Don't panic, it can happen to anyone. In this case a spare wheel is provided, change the wheel making sure to secure the area for you and for other users.

For the safety of future tenants, it is your duty to notify us in the event of a puncture in order to carry out the appropriate repairs. If the wheel cannot be repaired and depending on your insurance package, the replacement may be deducted from your deposit.


  • What to do in case of glass breakage?

Don't panic, it can happen to anyone. Contact us directly to direct you to the appropriate repairer and do not incur any costs without our prior authorization.

If a windshield or glass needs to be replaced, an excess of €200 applies.


  • What if there is no more engine oil?

Before renting the campervan, all levels are checked. A bottle of oil is provided if you need to top it up. If this is not enough, buy a bottle with the same characteristics keeping your invoice and we will reimburse you at the end of the stay.


  • What if there is no more gas for cooking?

It is possible that the gas cylinder when you leave is not full. If it empties during your road trip, buy a new bottle keeping your invoice and we will reimburse you at the end of the stay.


  • What to do in case of theft of the van or vandalism?

Contact us quickly to inform us of the situation and to take care of you.

You should immediately file a complaint at the nearest police station.

You will then have to send us the report of the filing of the complaint.

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